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When it comes to the environment, we at oFarm know the magic of seemingly small and incremental actions that add up big time. Sustainability has to start somewhere, and with us, it starts right at our backend operations, our aisles, and even at the checkout. Our customers know the difference and that is something that we commend ourselves for. 

Sometimes, it’s easy to think that being environmentally friendly is a big concept which can seem easy on paper although it is extremely hard to execute, especially for retailers like us. However, with the right amount of awareness and steadfast commitment, the whole practice of recycling for instance is not a farfetched idea.

Here are some ways we at oFarm walk our talk when it comes to recycling:

Recycle BoxesNo to plastic bags at checkout

For many years, retailers have been at the forefront of a more damaging statistic: excessive plastic use. At oFarm, we strive not just to be different but be better: we don’t use plastic bags at the checkout. When our customers checkout at ofarm they are given options either to choose from a free cardboard box or get a brown kraft paper bags, made of recycled pulp.

We receive plenty of boxes every week with our supplies and there is no better way to reuse them than offering to our environmentally conscious customer. The remaining cardboard boxes are recycled with local waste management company.

In terms of numbers, this act may be small to some, but it surely does make much difference in the statistics. Australia in fact trails America in terms of the number of waste per person being generated and which is then added into landfills. A staggering 50 million bags compose that waste, which is just littered around the country. And sadly, only 3 percent are being recycled as reported by

Reducing plastic from our store today is a step in the right direction which will gurantee us a sustainable future.

Reusing styrofoam

When it comes to damaging wastes, styrofoam trumps plastic every time. It is not decomposable and can get stuck in landfills for a very long time.

But with fresh produce on the line and our commitment also to quality produce, what’s a retailer to do? Thankfully, our partners are equally dedicated to the environment. We unbox the goods, to ensure our customers that the produce they are buying isn't fridge or warehouse. The reason we also do this because the boxes are then used again for our next delivery once given back to our suppliers. 

It’s recycling to the happy extreme as we don't accumulate masses of rubbish and our providers also do not need to keep purchasing packaging. It stops the cycle of mindless consumption.

Food scraps to food for more

Amongst all grocery stores, food scraps are the biggest by product. Most people think very little of food scraps since they decompose anyway. But the truth is, unless you know how to do it, food scraps are dismissed the same way plastics are; they do not necessarily get recycled, they too are left in landfills and the scary part is, they produce methane (and yes, it’s worse than carbon dioxide!). Scraping food also requires the same amount of energy it took for fresh food to go from farm to shelves.

Luckily, with assistance from OzHarvest which helps food retailers like us to donate food surplus legally. The food they receive doesn't go to landfills but instead to 600 charities who feed the hungry in places across Australia such as Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Perth. With their help, we are able to contribute to both the environment and to mankind.

Embrace the New Year with a small acts to favour business and your causes! If we at oFarm can do it, so can you.




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