The Pegan (Paleo-Vegan) Diet

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Paleo vegan dietWhile you’ve likely heard of the dieting terms vegan, paleo and of course organic, you’ve probably never heard the ever-growing fad that is the Pegan diet.

Although this is a relatively made-up term, it’s still a real diet, and has become vastly popular Australia-wide in recent years.

Food is unbelievably powerful. We often underestimate it, or are just plain ignorant to the fact that the food groups in which we choose to consume are directly related to our quality of life.

It’s understandable that the Pegan diet may raise a few questions such as:

  • I’m already on the Vegan/Paleo diet, is that not healthy enough anymore?
  • I’ve read up on Vegan and Paleo lifestyles. Is the Pegan diet even more strict about what I am allowed to eat?
  • Where does it end? (Although humorous, still has an element of truth to it).

What is the Pegan diet?

Most popularly recommended by medical professionals, the Pegan diet is essentially a lifestyle that consists of consuming only a combination of vegan and paleo food groups, and cuts out all gluten and dairy prodcuts.

Although individual eating habits vary, and diets should be personalised as much as possible, the Pegan diet boasts an array of benefits – as you can imagine collaborating two super-diets would!

The Pegan Diet – What are the benefits?

Both paleo and vegan lifestyles are enriched with endless health benefits already. We know that they’re both handy for overall health condition improvements, however if we combine the two together, this is what we get:

  • Only whole and organic fresh foods are included.
  • Extremely low glycemic intake – low in sugars, flour and carbs.
  • A wide variety of fruits and vegetables – takes recommendations from both Paleo and Vegan groups, that is, high phytonutrient produce.
  • Zero chemicals or additive.
  • Zero preservatives, artificial sweeteners or MSG – only the good stuff!
  • Hardly any pesticides or antibiotics.
  • Virtually hormone-free foods – strictly grass-fed animal products.
  • A significant source in much needed high-quality fats – all the Omega-3 goodness.
  • Great for seniors – the high protein diet controls appetites and aids muscular synthesis.

The Pegan diet truly is a diet unmatched by any other. The combination of two of the most energy-saturated diets that are available really is something to get a grasp on!

Put simply, the Pegan diet basically contains nothing but ‘the good stuff’, or basically, just the nutrients and protein requirements that your body needs.

At oFarm Organic Grocer on the Northern Beaches, we’re all for the relatively new Pegan lifestyle options and overall personal health improvement! However, it’s highly recommended to seek some basic medical advice before taking on a new diet as a consistent lifestyle decision.

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