Why Choose Activated Nuts? – The Real Benefits

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It's amazing to think about the many different ways in which we eat our nuts. We can roast or toast them, simply eat them raw, and then there's activating them. 

Surprisingly enough, many people who eat a lot of nuts and seeds have never thought about, let alone heard of activating nuts. 

When we think about nuts, we generally think about fibre, protein and everything that contributes to a healthy balanced diet. But what about activated nuts? What are they, and why are they so good for you?

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of activated nuts.

Activating nuts refers to the process of soaking nuts in a brine then allowing them to dry naturally in the sun or drying them out using a dehydrator. 

This allows the germination process to begin, followed by a dehydration procedure at a low temperature. 

When the nuts are soaked, the nutritional value significantly increases - this doesn't just apply to nuts alone, but rather raw seed varieties as well. It is also suggested that the longer you soak your nuts, the more nutritious they become. 

Why activate nuts?

The bottom line is that activating nuts makes for a far healthier consumption. Natural nuts still contain chemicals that affects the absorption of the nutrients that are richly associated with them - phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. 

When a large amount of nuts are consumed, your digestive system suffers. This can oftentimes cause symptoms of digestive problems like bloating and nausea.

At oFarm organic grocers on the northern beaches, we have assorted activated nut varieties available all year round! 

You'd be nuts not to at least give them a try. 

Benefits of activated nuts 

- Although it may not exactly be a fad or a craze in 2017, after reading into the benefits of activated nuts, it's a mystery why it isn't!

- Increases absorption quality of the nut’s natural nutrients.

- Enhances the taste and natural flavour of the nut.

- They are much easier to digest – recommended to people with digestive problems.

- Helps control high cholesterol.

- Can reduce the risk of heart disease.

- Assists weight management through the digestion of the nut’s fats – this means we only absorb a percentage of the fat from nuts.

- Soaking them changes the texture for more enjoyable consumption.

- You’ll just feel better overall!

Organic activated nuts and seeds have always been a crucial part of the organic lifestyle that we at oFarm so strongly recommend. However, did you know you can even activate your nuts at home?


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