More people around the World are discarding conventional foods in favour of organic foods. This is driven by the need to conserve the environment. However, the greatest driver to this trend is the urge by people to cut down on unhealthy foods which are blamed for an uptick in lifestyle diseases.

The rise of organic food cafes has come up to meet the demand for healthy food. In this article, read about some prerequisites when planning to set up an organic food café.

Do a Market Survey

It is important to do a market survey to establish just how popular organic foods are in your region. Do not fall for the hype that people are eating organic food. Establish how many people from your circle are ready for the shift or have already shifted. If the numbers are promising, then you can move on to other steps.

Draw Start-up Costs

Starting up an organic café is a costly undertaking. Draw up a list of the requirements that need to be acquired. This includes the lease for the café venue, furniture and fittings, permits, kitchenware and cutlery, staff expenses and farm produce. Plan for an entertainment section where patrons can play online games and claim BitStarz bonus as they wait for the chef to work on their order.

Identify Potential Suppliers

The organic food supply chain is thin and could become unreliable if no plans are put in place. To mitigate the danger of low supplies, identify potential suppliers early on. It is also advisable to enter into off-take agreements or contracts to guarantee a flawless supply chain.

Publicity and Advertisement

As you plan to start the café, have concrete publicity and advertisement strategy. Let it be known that there is an organic café in the area. There will be strong pushback from the conventional food cafes so ensure you get creative and relentless. Make use of social media, local listing, friend networks and endorsements.